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About Sun Grocery

Sun Grocery specialises in 100% authentic imported baby products, beauty, skincare, and health food products. We actively search for quality brands all across the globe in aims to serve you the best quality we can provide. All products are sold at a price where parents can buy the best quality goods at the most economical price for their children.

Our philosophy:
We are committed to providing products that promote healthy growth for all babies in Hong Kong. 
Our commitments:
1. We guarantee that all products sold are authentic and not counterfeit and/or imitation goods. 
2. All products are safe and harmless for your safety and wellbeing. 
3. We thoroughly examine and evaluate each of the brands and products we choose to retail (including the function, quality, price, safety standards and ingredients of a product), ensuring that you receive good quality products. 
4. Our prices always made sure to be affordable as a way to make sure you get to save money!